Sandbox Instance Log In & Account Switcher

Sandbox Instance Log In & Account Switcher

The sandbox or demo instance is an essential part of the user experience for training and set up of ActivityRight and is configured with sample data for schools, parents, templates and activities. 

The sandbox or demo instance uses email and password logins that are provided as part of the implementation process.  

Credentials for your demo instance are based on a short code or abbreviation of your school district's name.  Super Amazing School District has a short code as follows:  SASD.  The email address for the district admin is  ActivityRight will match your existing district short code if possible. 

Sample Sandbox Login Credentials:

Login URL:


For District Admin:

For Teacher:

For Parent:

Password:  TBD

Logging In:

  1. Open a current browser including Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. 
  2. Type the login URL:
  3. Enter the provided email and password
  4. Navigate ActivityRight and switch accounts using the account switcher functionality below. 

Sandbox Account Switcher:

Once a user is logged in the account switcher feature allows users to jump between sample user profiles.  Access to the account switcher is only available in the sandbox.  Users access the account switcher menu via the top right profile menu.  Click the user profile, in this case Dave Jones, to activate the account switcher drop down menu to select a new user profile. 

The account switcher allows users to experience activities and payments through 5 access levels also known as roles.  

Account switcher users include:  District Admin, Principal, School Office, Teacher and Parent.




Account Switcher:  By using the top left menu to toggle between user roles, training can be simplified as a single email and password allows for user perspective training on Activities across the entire environment.

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