ActivityRight Release Notes 1/2020

ActivityRight Release Notes 1/2020


·         Add -Remove Students:   Refined process for add and remove students.  Changed flow for payments and refunds in this add and remove process.  Added the ability to generate a report list of current attendees.

·         Parent & Staff Shared Login:  Allowing staff who are also parents to easily navigate between the two profiles in ActivityRight.

·         My Ed BC & Maplewood Unique ID:  These student information system programs are unable to provide a unique ID to remove the reliance on user email as this email address is subject to change and would tie the profile to the old email and require a new account with no historical data. Added the ability to assign the unique ID and tie it to the record. Display school name and address in bank deposit slip screen and display bank account # optionally by including account number in bank account set up screen.  





·         Cash & Check Deposit Slips: Added the ability to enter the cash quantity for each denomination and its total before printing.  Also added check number in check deposit slip.



·         Added check number throughout search workflow and payment screens to allow capture of check number, payor, description in payment screens.

·         UI / UX Changes:  Menu and dialog boxes changes throughout the system with color and icon set polishing.

·         Demo Instance/Sandbox Changes:  Allowing the toggle between users Teacher, School Office, Principal, District Admin, and Parent within the same instance for training and configuration ease. 

·         Closed Transactions Report:  Added a new report that includes payment method, date, school, student, GL Code and more.


·         Approvals Fee Codes:  Ability for approvers to see and update the fee codes for the activity fee items before approving.


·         Student Statement of Account:  Allow the printing/emailing of the student statement of account from the Accounting/Receive Payments/Statement button.  Includes address of parent selected and a selector if multiple parents are in the SIS.  Report is mail merge ready.




·         Approver can verify and change the fee code for an activity.


·         Student fees for activities and fee items can be waived or discounted by a percentage with a space to include notes. 


·         Student Info Update Report:  Added the ability to see a list of students with updated information in the Verification Report.  Report generates and exports to excel allowing the viewer to see the updated students first for transfer to SIS or other documents and filter by date.  The report is then exported to excel for input into the SIS.


·         Payment Instructions For Activities:  Removed stock language and left field blank for custom instructions for payments.




·         Staff Perspective > School Office > Payment History: Staff was unable to see payment history transactions when the same staff existed in the demo instance


·         Staff Perspective: Profile > Edit information: Information not saving


·         Activity Setup > Review Tab > Print Tab: Some sections of the printable forms no longer appear


·         Staff Invitation Flow if biller is using SSO – Fixed an issue where SSO was set up but password field was present for login.


·         When users set up roles in ActivityRight and they also had an SSO applied role the roles conflicted and created issues with access. 


·         Fixed the “Paid By” to use student name if using credits as a payment method. 


·         Hide parent email and log in when a staff member logs in. 


·         Fixed “All” selection issue where staff could see other schools they were not assigned to.


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