User Roles Worksheet Exercise

User Roles Worksheet Exercise

To best understand roles,  we have designed roles worksheets that allow a user to: 

  1.   View what permissions are part of roles set up
  2.   Complete roles worksheets for each role in the organization for ease of configuration
  3.   Test set up of a user role in the sandbox for both set up and permissions access requirements

Roles worksheet familiarization: 
There are two sections of the roles worksheet: instructions and a form checklist.  The form checklist is used to circle areas the role has access to, so the role can be entered into ActivityRight. 
The roles checklist is attached below.  Please review a snip of the form.  

Next steps: 

Please complete a roles worksheet for each role that will be tested in the sandbox instance.  Once comfort has been achieved with roles, please complete a roles checklist for all roles to be included in the live instance.  It is not required for all user roles to be included in the sandbox instance. This requirement depends on the objectives and desired outcomes of the district project team.

Role design considerations: 
The role of school office at a school level is a good place to start when practicing configuration of roles, as the school office staff can have access to receive funds, create activities, and close the books for the day.  Using the following considerations, create a school office role in the sandbox based on district and school guidelines.  If managing funds is not part of the installation please set up the teacher role. 

Creating a role for school office support staff will require thinking through the daily activities for the role as well as assessing the activities in the ActivityRight software setting. The following are some points and questions to consider:

  1. Templates - the ability to manage the source files for most forms - can be used within many roles.  Allowing school staff to create templates is typical when you have school staff creating forms.
  2. Senior school and district administration roles are typically for approval only.  However, if your principals or other school administration teach, you may want to give New Activity functions to your school administration.
  3. Support staff in the school office tend to get walk in traffic.  This is why the “School Office” menu was created in AcivityRight.  In many cases, access to all the functions of an admin may not be needed. For example: 
If  school staff issue checks/cheques, they may not need to request them. 

If the accounting system handles all deposit functionality, there may not be a need to use “Bank Deposits”

If there is access to receipt functionality in your accounting system, you may not need “Other Receipts”

  1. At a minimum, Payment History should always be implemented for School Office staff, so they can quickly identify what was paid.  Monies owed is accessible in the Receive Payments screen as well.
  2. Accounting>Journal Entries may be added to a support staff role, if they have other accounting tasks and understand bookkeeping and debits and credits. This is typical for some support staff in larger schools (e.g. large high schools).  Accessing Journal Entries will also allow them to see when payments and deposits are posted for budgetary reporting and actual vs. budget reconciliation.
  3. All users should have access to Groups and Students in the People menu, so they can view and access students at their school.

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