Sandbox Training: Add, Edit & Delete Roles

Sandbox Training: Add, Edit & Delete Roles

A user who logs into ActivityRight is attached to a role.  This role includes the permissions, or access the user has to the software.  A teacher does use the same areas of ActivityRight a school office person does. These following steps allow a user to learn the functionality around roles.  

Step 1: Access Roles



Step 2:  View System Roles


System roles are hardcoded in the software and cannot be changed.  Personalized roles are created in the system by a user. 

Step 3:  View Role Permissions

Each role has a set of permissions associated with it.  Permissions are the abilities the role has been granted.  These abilities include view, create, edit, delete.  Each of these abilities are applied to each feature area in a role.  

To view permissions select a user role by double clicking it in the roles interface. In this case we have selected the teacher role.  This role is a system role so we can only view the permissions. 

The first feature set under activities is announcements.  Clicking the ^ expands the access levels.  In this example, the teacher can access all features for announcements:  view, create, update, and delete.   This teacher profile allows full access to all announcement features.  If these features were unchecked the teacher would not see announcements. 

Step 4:  Duplicate/Create Roles

Go back to the main roles menu to create a new role by selecting the back button.  

In the roles menu click on the ellipsis or three dot menu for the teacher-basic role.  The option to duplicate and remove is available if it is a personalized role. A system role can only be duplicated.  

To rename the role edit the role field.  The current name is Teacher - Basic copy. Name the role Teacher - Test.  

The description gives a break down of the areas the user role has access to. 
The permissions areas are already duplicated from the copied role.  

If the first check box (view) is not checked the drop down menu options for that feature will not be selectable.  It is greyed out. Please select the first box to access the permissions in that feature. 

Please select the first box to access the permissions in that feature. 

Once the configurations are complete for the new role select save from the top menu.

This role is ready to use. 

Please see Sandbox Training: Applying Roles for the next steps.  

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