Sandbox Training: Create And Apply Workflows

Sandbox Training: Create And Apply Workflows

Important definitions: 


Workflows allow approval authority to be applied to templates and activities so the proper oversight on all communications and processes can be set.  This is especially critical when there is risk involved with an activity or communication with parents.  The workflow is the process to complete a set task.  This process is internal to each school/district.  Workflow diagrams assist in understanding the people and resources that go into managing an event or communication.  In summary, a workflow allows a risky activity or communication to receive oversight by proper shareholders before release to the public and/or parents.   

Workflow Templates:

Workflow templates that allow workflows entered in the system to be easily copied for application to another workflow or activity.  The workflow template can be shared for future activity approvals.

To access workflows or create a workflow template:  Templates/Workflows/Add Template

For the purpose of this exercise we are going to create a new workflow.  Workflows are often managed by a district admin or principal or both.  There can be district created workflows that are for all schools concerning risky or protocol rich activities, and principal or school level workflows that pertain to activity management at a specific school that does not apply to the district. 

Once the workflow menu has been opened the following screen is visible: 

The default or existing sandbox workflow templates present may be different.  Navigate to the +Add Template button and select it by clicking.  The Add Workflow Template screen is opened.  

For this exercise - please follow the following steps:  

⦁ Name:  Add the workflow template name Swimming Field Trip
⦁ School:  Attach the school Mante Corner Elementary by typing the name Mante and clicking it. 
⦁ Notifications: Attach staff to the notifications field.  This is the person(s) who require(s) notification of the completion of these workflow actions.
⦁ Approvers:  Create two approval groups:  
Approval Group 1:  Select a teacher and add a budget process question and make it Mandatory.  Also select the down arrow to the left of the questions title to add answer details of Yes and No
Approval Group 2:  Add another group and select another staff and add an approval question about risk compliance review
Note:  If you select the users from the demo for your staff, the approval process can be seen in action without email access.  These users are Dave Jones, Harvey Jenkins, Edna Taylor, Alex Williams

⦁ Click Save and practice adding the approval template in an activity.
⦁ Navigate to Templates/Activity to apply the workflow to the activity template.
At the bottom of the template is the Approval workflow section:

Select the Template radio button and a list of available templates is shown including the newly created Swimming Field Trip.  Select this template and the green Use Template button.  

Now the Activity Template is associated with the approval workflow as follows: 

 If Save is selected now there will be notifications if required areas of the form are incomplete.  In this case, the terms and conditions are required information.  Once this is complete the activity template can be saved.

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